This website strives to be accurate and complete. It represents a large part of the work I have completed since 1990. Although it is rather vast in scope, there are many pieces in each body of work that are not included. On occasion I accept commissions for private and public collections. Please send me a note if you are interested in a commission.

Six-Week Class

  • Lisa Kokin and pooches in her studio
  • Workshops with Lisa Kokin participants
  • Workshops with Lisa Kokin participants
  • Workshops with Lisa Kokin participants
  • Workshops with Lisa Kokin participants
Reuse Muse: Independent Study — New Format

Reuse Muse is a continually evolving entity, not unlike an art practice. The latest incarnation is modeled on the graduate school tutorial and is open to any artist with an ongoing studio practice. The three component parts of the newest evolution of the class will feature studio time, critique, and short presentations and discussions on topics of interest to artists, such as inspiration, writing a cogent artist’s statement, talking about art that we love as well as art that we don’t, artist’s blocks, and other burning issues that we all ponder alone in our studios. If you are an artist seeking the camaraderie of others as committed as you to make and talk about art in a congenial environment, this is the class for you. Please contact me for more information and to register. Class size is limited to eight.

Date & Time!

Reuse Muse: Independent Study
April 3 – June 12, 2019
Every other Wednesday, 1:00 — 3:30 p.m.
Open for Registration
Cost: $545 (includes most supplies).

Space is limited.
For availability please
email Lisa →

Mail checks to:
Lisa Kokin
5518 Circle Drive
El Sobrante, CA 94803

Class Policy

To reserve your seat, class must be paid for in advance. Checks are accepted for registration. Full refund is provided up to one week before class starts. A $35.00 service charge will be deducted from the refund. No refund during the week before or after class starts. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a class as required. Should this happen, you would have your choice of a full refund or enrollment in a future class.

wheelchair Studio is wheelchair-accessible.

What students have said about the classes:

The Reuse Muse class has been a wonderful learning experience. Each week Lisa presents a new challenge to us. I’m learning I can make something out of almost anything. The classes are a way to meet other artists with similar passions for collecting the dilapidated and neglected. Rusted bottle caps, old tea bags, distressed books. In this class we make outrageous and beautiful objects from the discarded and unwanted, even banana peels. Lisa is an awesome teacher. She gives thoughtful, in-depth and honest criticism and helps me constantly expand the reach of my imagination. Deborah Friedman, Walnut Creek, CA www.deborahbeniofffriedman.com

“Having only a few unusual materials to work with has freed me to just put things together, to play, to not obsess about outcome. With each limitations project, I have learned things about my work style and ways of thinking. I no longer panic when I don't see a way to move the project forward. Working this way challenges me to make and remake, to push myself beyond the point where I want to quit. I have learned to see materials in a different way, to see potential in unlikely things, and to work with materials that I never would have freely chosen. Seeing how others in the group handle limitations is inspiring and surprising.”

Susan Brady, El Cerrito, CA | www.msusanbrady.wix.com/msusanbrady

I am finding Lisa’s Reuse Muse class to be highly useful.The assignments are inspiring; Lisa’s teaching is nurturing and insightful. I enjoy the warm community in the class. I am glad we do not have to do the assignment. Lisa welcomes our journey even as it takes us to a place of primary process because of using discarded matter. She has a zillion books on the subject of book arts and art made from recycled materials. Lisa’s own work is at the cutting edge of the growing international culture of book art and reuse. Most important to me is that she gets my sense of humor, and has helped me to hone my craftsmanship while entering new ground. Dorothy Nissen, Berkeley, CA | www.dorothynissen.com

As someone with no formal art experience, I find Lisa's classes to be a nurturing source of artistic inspiration.  The projects, along with Lisa's generous support, encouragement and artistic knowledge, allow me to feel at ease with, and even at home with my creative self.  I am inspired by the extraordinary work of the other participants and their thoughtful, sincere critiques.  The classes are fun and provide a safe place for enhanced awareness of the untapped creative spirit and energy within. Elizabeth Kueny, Alameda, CA
“Lisa's workshop, the Joy of Limitations, has produced in me a joy of possibilities, just as I had hoped. Designing works with materials alien to me has allowed my creative juices to roil!” Ellen Hauptli, Berkeley, CA | www.ellenhauptli.com

“Limitations freed me from the excess of my life; it allows me to discover things about myself and objects I never realized.  It cleared my mind from the chatter around me and provided the clarity and creativity to stretch; it is what made me go beyond and even heal.” Bette McKenzie, Oakland, CA

“Get out of your comfort zones, explore new techniques, challenge yourself with unknown and unfamiliar materials.”  Jeanette Carr, CA

“Lisa's 'The Joy of Limitations' workshop opens up a vast and surprising world. She provides two objects each week and one's imagination takes off from there.” Jackie Dunn, CA